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-- Laura L.       

E Komo Mai! Welcome!

Earn your Broker License with the Digital Learning Centers' Online Broker Course offered through the REMI School of Real Estate.

We are committed to providing the very best preparation for the State Licensing Exam and for a successful career in Hawaii's distinctive real estate market. Our online course provides professional instruction for broker candidates.


DLC is pleased to make you an amazing offer: Sign up for our broker course, and save $200: You will receive a $200 instant discount


Our courses are developed locally, and our instructor, David Catanzaro, has taught and practiced real estate in Hawaii for over 20 years. Hawaii's culture and real estate market are unique. Don't risk your tuition money on an out-of-state provider. Real estate is a local business requiring knowledge of Hawaii and the way Hawaii works.


Students enrolling in this course will be taught the fundamentals and advanced topics of real estate and the principles and practices of real estate in the state of Hawaii.

The course fulfills the Hawaii Real Estate Commission's education requirements and prepares and qualifies students for the Real Estate Broker Hawaii State Licensing Exams. Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion.


I have already recommended your course. Thank you!

 -- Vicki A.       


The many advantages of earning your broker's license include
  • Prestigious designation
  • Operate a satellite office
  • Launch your own brokerage either as part of a national or local franchise (Century 21) or independently.
  • Safety net -- easier transition from your broker if needed
  • Unlimited income potential.
  • Set your own schedule.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Earn commissions on other agent's sales.


I am very happy with your on-line class. I have been studying for months, the web site is very professional, user friendly and helps you learn.

 -- Greg B.               


Our broker students have agreed:

  • Getting Started was easy.
  • The Course materials were clear.
  • The website was easy to use and navigate.
  • The instructor was available and had a mastery of the subject.
  • They would recommend this course to others.


All classes offered are approved and accredited by the Hawaii Real Estate Commission.


Overall, I learned much more doing the online course than when I took the Salesperson course in class 4 years ago. Having the freedom to spend more time in areas I understood the least before moving on was great.

 -- Bob S.           


David Catanzaro serves as the primary instructor and principal for the school. In 1970, he earned his Bachelors Degree in Finance and later (in 1973) his Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Missouri. David has been a real estate agent in Hawaii since 1986. He was a Broker and Instructor with Dower Real Estate, Inc in Honolulu; then the principle broker for Dower Realty Windward, an independently owned and operated franchise of Dower Realty; and is now the principle broker for REMI Realty. David also has held real estate licenses in the states of Missouri and Florida. He currently resides in Kailua, Hawaii.


I'm actually glad I made the decision to do it online.

 -- Steve H.               


Classes are attended online at your convenience. You can access the course from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Work from home, work, or even an Internet cafe.


Start immediately.

The course is self-paced and offered 24/7 at your convenience. Enjoy the flexibility of breaking up lectures to suit your schedule or repeating materials to boost comprehension.


The cost of the course is $699 if you sign up now. You will receive a $296 instant discount off our regular price of $995.

The state license examination fee is not included; it is paid directly by the candidate.


We strongly believe that we offer the finest Hawaii Broker course. Our market study shows that it is also the best value!

    School Type Price Discount Actual Cost
    School 1 Online $895.00   $895.00
    School 2 Classroom $1,050.00   $1,050.00
    School 3 Classroom $1,190.00   $1,190.00
    School 4 Classroom $1,020.94   $1,020.94
    School 5 Classroom $1,075.00   $1,075.00
    School 6 not offered      
    School 7 not offered      
    School 8 not offered      
    REMI Online $995.00 -$296.00 $699.00
    School 10 not offered      
    School 11 Classroom / Online $1,200.00   $1,200.00
    Survey conducted May 1, 2007.


The broker candidate course is 80 hours.

Our Students have completed the course as fast as three weeks and in as long as three months. As an online course, our students proceed at their own pace and individualized focus.


Without this education option it would have been extremely inconvenient to achieve the education requirement for a Brokers License.

 -- Martin K.               


The course has been significantly improved. The material has been revised to make it easier to understand and to better prepare candidates for the State exam. The new material is professionally narrated. Test and quiz data bases have been revised and expanded. Our delivery system has been upgraded to a Flash-based system that is more robust and easier to use.


All students taking the course to qualify for a real estate license should be aware of the requirements as published by the Real Estate Commission: http://www.hawaii.gov/dcca/areas/real/real_ed/gen_info/blue.pdf

Candidates must be at least 18 years of age (on or prior to the date of the State Examination), be a United States citizen, or an alien authorized to work in the US (and should have command of the English language).

Broker candidates must complete the Hawaii Real Estate Commission's Application for Certificate of Broker Experience. The application must be approved by the Executive Secretary of the Real Estate Commission. This certificate is required to sit for the State exam.

Please note: You do NOT need three years experience to take this class. While you do need three years of experience to sit for the State exam, the certificate of completion that you receive from REMI School of Real Estate is valid for two years from the date of issue.


Attendance of the entire scheduled class time and a passing score (75% for broker candidates) on the course's comprehensive final examination are required to earn a Certificate of Successful Completion. This Certificate is a prerequisite for the State Licensing Examination. For more detailed information see the Hawaii Real Estate Commission's Licensing Requirements: http://www.hawaii.gov/dcca/areas/real/real_ed/gen_info/blue.pdf


Topics include:

General Real Estate:

  • Introduction to Real Estate
  • RE Interests
  • Real Estate Law
  • Forms of Ownership
  • Concepts of Home Ownership
  • Appraisal
  • Agency
  • Financing
  • Brokerage
  • Property Management
  • Listings
  • Fair Housing
  • Contracts
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Title Transfer
  • Residential Landlord Tenant Code from DCCA
  • Ad Valorem
Hawaii Specific:

  • CPR Rules
  • Agency
  • Interests
  • Contracts
  • Encumbrances
  • Transfer of Title
  • CC&R's
  • Foreclosure
  • Finance Practices
  • Escrow
  • Appurtenances

We have created two different review sections one for the general items and the other for the Hawaii specific items.


Supplemental materials such as electronic flash cards, quizzes, and extra exams (complete with answer keys and explanations) are provided to reinforce vital information and help to ensure that you pass the state exam on your first try.


All applicants are welcome regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry / national origin, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, disability, marital status, age, AIDS status or other grounds protected under state or federal non-discrimination laws.


Your instructor, David Catanzaro, and our staff are committed to helping you prepare for the State exam. Whether you need clarification of course material or technical support. We are here to assist you.


When I had questions about the course set-up, I was ALWAYS able to get help and questions answered by the computer guy. Awesome!


-- Stefanie N.               


The Hawaii Real Estate Assessment for Licensure program, is administered by the company PSI Exams under contract with the Hawaii State Real Estate Commission. You can contact PSI at 800-733-9267 or http://www.psiexams.com/.

The exam has two parts. The "Uniform" portion covering general real estate principles and practices and the "State Law" section dealing with specific Hawaii statutes. The exam consists of multiple choice questions only. Each section of the exam is graded separately, and each requires a passing score of 75%. Candidates that fail either portion of the exam may retake the exam and need only retake the part of the exam failed.

Forms and detailed information regarding the State exam will be provided during the course. Your completion certificate is effective for two years from the date of issue, allowing you take the licensing exam anytime during that period.

Anyone who successfully passes the State exam must apply for their license, in writing, within two years of passing the broker's examination date, or their test scores will be declared invalid, and they must retake the exam. Licensing fees must be paid at the time of application.

For more information on the State exam please contact PSI Exams

For more information regarding Real Estate Licensing in Hawaii, please call the Hawaii Real Estate Commission at (808) 586-2643 or visit their website at: http://www.hawaii.gov/hirec/

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Supplemental Materials | Instructor | Location | Tuition | Cost Comparison | Length of Course | Improvements
Class Hours | Eligibility Requirements | Certification | Equal Opportunity | Support | State Exam | Prospective Student FAQ

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